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Weekend Group Run/Walk

The group run/walk starts from the RAW clubhouse at 7:00 AM There are two courses to run/walk on the weekends. Both courses wind through parks, along the lake shore and through neighborhoods. The courses are out and back so you can go the distance of your choice.

The main course known as the west loop has water and Gatorade stationed every few miles. The first water stop is approximately 1.3 miles from the clubhouse and the second is at the 2.75 mile mark. There is also a drinking fountain on this course, at approximately the 1.2 mile. The full course is four miles out and four miles back (8 miles total).

• West loop map


The east loop is a six mile out and back (12 miles total) course. There are several drinking fountains available along this route.

• East loop map


The Clubhouse is located at 2615 Dove Loop Road across from the Oak Grove Park softball fields.


 If the (front) garage door of the clubhouse is closed, go around to the back door entrance.


Week Day Runs

The best way to find week day running partners is to come out to the lake on the weekends. You’ll meet others and can determine who else runs your pace. From there you can decide when and where to meet during the week.

Trail Runs

Run or walk the dirt trails. The “BLT” trail entrance is right next to the clubhouse. From the BLT, it is less than ¼ mile to Horseshoe trails via the paved path. This is a great trail system for beginners that even experienced trail runners will enjoy. The marked route is an approximate 6.5 mile loop.  It is trails so, of course, there’s roots, rocks and other tripping hazards. The trails are also used by mountain bikers. Horseshoe trails are maintained by DORBA


Hop & Sprint  Social Run

Join us weekly on Tuesdays for a social run at Hop & Sting Brewing Co. beginning at 6:30 PM.  Stay afterwards to enjoy a craft beer, local food trucks and meet other runners. Open to the public. The run is free! $.25 from every draft beer sold on Tuesdays will go to support our  Scholarship Fund!

Club Fun Runs

Throughout the year LGRAW hosts various fun runs. Please check the Footprint and Facebook for details. Our fun runs are free to members and are open to the public. 

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