Member Recognition

Best Foot Forward


Regarded as RAW’s highest honor, the Best Foot Forward (BFF) recipient is awarded to the person who best exhibits the “spirit of RAW.” Past recipients have been recognized for consistently demonstrating leadership, volunteering both publicly and behind the scenes, encouraging and mentoring others and serving as a positive ambassador for the club. The Best Foot Forward is presented at the Annual Meeting. Past winners include Jack Hase, Kelly "K2" Richards, Brad Liles, Sakina Vidacak and Jeff Garber.


Giving Back to the Sport

Deserving recipients of Giving Back to the Sport (GBTTS) are recognized through our club's newsletter, the Footprint. These members have gone above and beyond volunteering their time and talents to promote our sport and giving back to the running community. 


Volunteer Recognition Socials

The club hosts events to recognize and thank the many volunteers who have supported the club's races, events and activities. Throughout the years volunteers have been recognized at numerous breakfasts, banquets and socials.


RRCA National 2000 Hours

Outstanding Volunteer Recognition Program

The Road Runners of America (RRCA) recognizes members who have contributed 2000 volunteering hours to the running community. Each volunteer recognized will receive a certificate and a commemorative patch.