Board of Directors


It takes volunteer members who are willing to actively give their time and talents to the sport and the club by serving in a leadership position on the Board of Directors to help make Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers the outstanding club it is. The RAW Board is composed of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary and four Director positions. All positions serve two-year terms. A portion of the Board is elected every year.


Serving on the Board has a time commitment of approximately 90 minutes to two hours at the monthly Board meeting. Additional time will be spent on other responsibilities as determined by each position.


If you would like an opportunity to serve your club, be more involved in the club or give back to the sport, running for a Board position is an excellent way to accomplish this. Volunteering your time in this way shows your commitment to the club and your willingness to help steer the club in a positive direction.

Bylaws and Policies


LGRAW is governed within our bylaws and policies, both of which are

approved by the board of directors. Here are our current bylaws and our policies regarding conflicts of interest and charitable giving. These documents help guide the board of directors in their decision-making for the club.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any board member or

come join us at the next LGRAW board meeting.

Board Meetings

The RAW Board meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM unless otherwise posted. Meetings are usually held at the clubhouse. The meeting location is announced in advance of the meeting. All current members in good standing are welcome to attend. Attending a Board meeting is an excellent way to see the Board in action, to learn about the current business affairs the Board is involved in as well as the club’s by-laws and Robert’s Rules of Order.

Annual Elections

Elections are held during the annual meeting on July 4th. All Board positions serve two-year terms. A portion of the Board is elected every year.

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Kelly "K2" Richards

President (2019-2021)


I’ve been a member of Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers since moving to Texas in 1998. I regularly participate in weekend group runs and I also spend the weekdays running around the streets and trails of Grapevine. I invite you to join us for a run or walk in our RRCA designated Runner Friendly Community. I’ve served in the club in nearly every capacity – multi-term president; race director of Double Trouble, Bold in the Cold and multiple Fun Runs; various committees; social media coordinator; water duty volunteer and more. I enjoy using my annual training in governance, fiduciary responsibilities and overall running industry;  shared best practices from running clubs around the country and member’s input along with my historical knowledge of RAW and my love for the sport to lead this  wonderful organization. 

Lydia Barnes

Treasurer (2020-2022)


I've really enjoyed my time with the group. The group has provided tremendous support and encouragement to me as I've built my running abilities. I hope to give something back to the club though this board position. I also hope to bring my experience in managing budgets to this position. I spent 20 years managing IT projects, including budgets and timelines. I began running 11 years ago and started racing in 2016.

Alan Sivakumaran

Director (2020-2022)

I have always wanted to serve on the board and understand the background of the club. I also want to be able to share my friends thoughts and concerns. I want to see if there is anything we can do to make the club a welcoming place for everyone. I am hoping to bring a more social media presence on instagram. We have so many running instagram accounts. I feel it would be important to make our presence on there. I also would like to plan events like pizza and cookie parties. I have been running consistently since 2012. I hope to train and run the Boston Marathon one year.

Caleb Pollock

Vice-President (2020-2022)


I only started running about six years ago to augment my cycling habit. My spouse, Shelly and I joined LGRAW when we moved back to Grapevine from Colorado in 2015. I enjoy running 10k-25k road and trail races. The people of RAW have been influential in my life by motivating me mentally and physically. Serving on the board allows me to give back to the community.

Debbie Yatko

Director (2019-2021)


 Running has been a passion of mine since middle school. I ran track and cross country in Spring Branch ISD (Houston). I found running again at the age of 25 and have never stopped. My Husband,Tim, was a RAW runner before we met. We moved to Grapevine in 2012 when our son was a newborn. I started running with RAW soon after (with baby Cyril in the running stroller).  Two years later I was running with Baby Cecilia in that stroller. Now you might see Cyril biking along side me on runs. Along with road racing, I also enjoy trail running, triathlons, yoga, hiking and sand volleyball.  I love the RAW community and am proud to start serving on the board.  

Jack Hase

Secretary (2019-2021)


I started running with LGRAW in 1998 - a month or so after the club started. I've held most positions in the club at one time or another. After 10 years of not being on the board I wanted to reconnect and so rejoined the board in 2017.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jack was selected as the RRCA 2020 National Outstanding Volunteer of the Year!

Since 1971, the RRCA has honored the service and dedication of outstanding leaders in the running community.  Even the face of a global pandemic, individuals and organizations made significant contributions to the sport in 2020 by keeping runners engaged and motivated; by having outstanding performances in events that occurred, by raising awareness about improving racial inclusion in the sport, and much more.


John Teegarden

Director (2020-2022)


Simply put, it’s time to give back. I am hopeful that I can use my skills and experience in business management and administration to better the club (I already think the club is awesome, BTW). I am hoping that, with my love for running and what I bring to the club in terms of skills and abilities, I can work collaboratively with other board members to promote running, resulting in bringing in new members and retaining those that are already part of RAW. Five years ago I was 275 pounds and on a fast spiral to further poor health. That fall, I began running on a treadmill (which I hated), and graduated to the outside in 2016 (which I love). Running saved my life. Since i started running I have participated in several half marathons, one marathon, and several shorter runs. I’m hoping to use my passion for running to help continue to grow and support RAW as well as the overall running community.

Steven Rush

Assistant Treasuer (2019-2021)

email :

Married with 1 child, 2 dogs, and a cat. I have a a master’s degree in information management. A long time LGRAW member, I have previously served as a VP, Secretary, and Member at Large. Over the years, I have volunteered  in various roles including that of a LGRAW Navy Admiral. For more than 10-years I have helped with race timing at LGRAW races. I have run in many races including marathon distances. These days however, I mostly enjoy 5K races. I am often seen in our area running or walking with my Collie or Britney mix dog. Thus, my club nickname “Dog Dude”.

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